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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Trusting WordPress Plugins and “SEO for WordPress”

Over here in John Andrews Land we fight the status quo. WordPress is great, and the plug-in architecture is great, but we don’t build businesses on free, open source code unless we trust it. And we don’t trust free, open source code unless we have checked it. And we don’t rely upon free, open source […]

Shaking Out the Bad Websites in Google

Everyone is talking about Google’s PPC click thru rate being lower than expected… flat growth for January according to Comscore. I think there’s astory in there about reliance on Comscore-like reports, but that will be addressed soon enough. Perhaps a more interesting story is suggested by this comment from a pro-Google investment entity, as cited […]

Live Blogging the Moniker Domain Auction

This post will be a live blog, updated every few minutes with additional content as we go… just for fun. AffiliateSummit 2008 in Las Vegas. Monte has done his homework, and is prodding the audience with insider knowledge of the affiliate game as he can. had little interest, and Monte started chiding the “ticket […]

Moniker Live Domain Auction at Affiliate Summit

Live ta th auction, finally got a WiFi connection. The energy levels are high, partly due to the energy of the Moniker guys. These guys are UP BEAT and doing a good job. The room has plenty of empty seats in the front 10 rows, but the back is full of “lurkers”. I suspect the […]

Why You Should Care About Your Supreme Court Justices

For many of us “regular people” working in technology, the Supreme Court Justice appointment system is an obscure political process into which we have little input. However, as recent events demonstrate, the individuals assigned life long Supreme Court powers can have a tremendous impact on how our technology and our entrepreneurial activities play in the […]

Wikileaks IP Address (UPDATED below)

ORIGINAL: Just in case anyone was looking for, since their domain name was confiscated. Updated: 07/2011 now enjoy! Updated 12/2010: was now now see Updated 07/2013: was now… broken. Wikileaks moved from to and then moved to utilize the Cloudflare proxy system, in order to maintain […]

Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York (SES NYC)

The Search Engine Strategies Conference and Expo is scheduled for March 17-20 in New York City, just 4 weeks away. I attended SES San Jose last year, my first time ever at an SES (Last year I attended SMX Advanced, Adtech, SES, Domain Roundtable, T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East, and Pubcon in order to get a fresh personal […]

Google’s Microsoft Health Vault

When Microsoft announced Microsoft Health Vault, for storing and retrieiving sensitive personal health records over the public Internet, I commented with “Microsoft is first out of the gate announcing Health Vault, an online personal health information database of Google proportions.” Now that Google has regained its composure in the health database area, it is testing […]

Interviewed on Search Marketing Blog

I will be speaking at the SearchFest in Portland on March 10, which is hosted by Todd Mintz asked to interview me and then crafted some very interesting “a-typical” questions that were actually fun to answer. I’m not as confident as Todd that people want to know my views on Internet Privacy and How […]

Advancing Web 2.0 by Kicking It in the Teeth

Like most approaches to automated anything, as “Web 2.0” advances, it gets lazy. And as users adopt Web 2.0 “styles” of publishing, they assume the risk associated with that “laziness“. All growth markets suffer periodic “corrections”, but in the case of web publishing and security, a correction can be more like a Kick In The […]

Domain Management Tools: Asking the Difficult Questions

Why ask the “difficult questions”? Well, quite simply, the difficult questions are the ones that need asking. Pretending something doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. I have seen a number of positive, virtually promotional posts about dnZoom in the domain space over the past few months. Since dnZoom works with domain industry vendors via […]

Do You Recognize Today’s (tomorrow’s) Affiliate Marketer?

Yes, I did suggest that affiliate marketing is an upcoming opportunity. No, I am not crazy. But I may have been crazy to assume some of the evolution of affiliate marketing was obvious, because it is apparently not obvious to everyone. What about YOU? Do you, or even can you recognize today’s evolved affiliate marketers? […]

Affiliate Summit Moniker Domain Auction: Opportunity?

Since I registered to attend AffiliateSummit in Vegas and commented about the alignment of Affiliate Summit and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in the same city at almost the same time, I have heard feedback from domainers, affiliates, and SEOs about both events and domain auctions in general. I wonder now, is the domain auction at Affiliate Summit a […]

Selling Domains : Auctions Aren’t TheAnswer

In the domain industry, the auction is the place to get the best price for your domain. You read that just about everywhere. Auction, auction, auction. But the auction is not always the best answer. We need some more options. Every week it seems I hear someone say they submitted X domains to “the auction” […]

Thunderbird Email Accounts: Reorder email folders

If you use Thunderbird email client and have many email accounts/folders, you will someday wish you could re-arrange them in your accounts view pane. Thunderbird by default displays the accounts in the order in which they were added, and does not provide a control panel option for re-ordering them. But there is a solution and […]

Microsoft aims at Yahoo!

Microsoft announced it offered to buy Yahoo! for $45 billion, and the search industry is going nuts covering it. Truth is, it’s just a press release describing an offer. We are far far away from Microsoft the corporation being able to buy Yahoo! Even if it were possible (and I don’t think it is), there […]