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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Moniker Live Domain Auction at Affiliate Summit

Live ta th auction, finally got a WiFi connection. The energy levels are high, partly due to the energy of the Moniker guys. These guys are UP BEAT and doing a good job. The room has plenty of empty seats in the front 10 rows, but the back is full of “lurkers”. I suspect the […]

Why You Should Care About Your Supreme Court Justices

For many of us “regular people” working in technology, the Supreme Court Justice appointment system is an obscure political process into which we have little input. However, as recent events demonstrate, the individuals assigned life long Supreme Court powers can have a tremendous impact on how our technology and our entrepreneurial activities play in the […]

Wikileaks IP Address (UPDATED below)

ORIGINAL: Just in case anyone was looking for, since their domain name was confiscated. Updated: 07/2011 now enjoy! Updated 12/2010: was now now see Updated 07/2013: was now… broken. Wikileaks moved from to and then moved to utilize the Cloudflare proxy system, in order to maintain […]