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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Advancing Web 2.0 by Kicking It in the Teeth

Like most approaches to automated anything, as “Web 2.0” advances, it gets lazy. And as users adopt Web 2.0 “styles” of publishing, they assume the risk associated with that “laziness“. All growth markets suffer periodic “corrections”, but in the case of web publishing and security, a correction can be more like a Kick In The […]

Domain Management Tools: Asking the Difficult Questions

Why ask the “difficult questions”? Well, quite simply, the difficult questions are the ones that need asking. Pretending something doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. I have seen a number of positive, virtually promotional posts about dnZoom in the domain space over the past few months. Since dnZoom works with domain industry vendors via […]

Do You Recognize Today’s (tomorrow’s) Affiliate Marketer?

Yes, I did suggest that affiliate marketing is an upcoming opportunity. No, I am not crazy. But I may have been crazy to assume some of the evolution of affiliate marketing was obvious, because it is apparently not obvious to everyone. What about YOU? Do you, or even can you recognize today’s evolved affiliate marketers? […]