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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Open Source Skills: Been There, Done That

As I wait for yet another install of Magento to delete itself, so I can install it yet again, I am reminded of my tech support days. Then, as now, this Open Source stuff is all about “been there, done that“. The more times you’ve done it before, the better you are at doing it. […]

First to 300 Sphinns: Thank You Bionic Sphinners!

Note: A few days ago, after proclaiming for many months that paid links are not allowed and arguing what does and does not constitute “payment” for links, Google has finally cleared up the confusion around the use of the nofollow attribute by publishing a living demonstration of the right way to barter direct back links. […]

Pay Attention to Google

[youtube:] Thanks Ken. That was hilarious.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has announced PhotoShop Express, a “free” online image finishing system that YOU can use to cleanup, sharpen, filter, remove red-eye, and do a host of other things to your photos, which you can also publish online, share, and embed. It’s all “free” as old-school Adobe defines “free” : no charge, free, gratis, wonderfully replete […]

Google Barters Backlinks to Show The Way

The Google blog (which routinely uses the “nofollow” attribute according to Google’s guidelines for link management, has just posted a set of direct backlinks to the people they are calling “bionic posters” in the Google help forums. These back links are not nofollowed. They are genuine, live, link juice passing links. They are presented as […]

Facebook Penetration Testing is Illegal Legal Permitted Investigative Reporting

My how things change in just a few years. Today, AP reporters proudly proclaim their “investigation” of a security loophole on Facebook, describing how they used the hack to peruse materials that clearly were posted to Facebook with an expectation of privacy: “A security lapse made it possible for unwelcome strangers to peruse personal photos […]

Urban Legend: You Can Trust (?)

For many years, I have trusted When my Dad circulates his “Glade air fresheners explode without warning while you sleep” warning emails, I refer him to Snopes where the “Urban Legends” are busted the way MythBusters do it on TV – with cold hard facts and evidence. Snopes has clarified thousands of scammy claims […]

SEO Opinions, SEO Facts, and SEO Wisdom

These days anyone can label themselves an SEO and begin publishing and building an audience. At first, a few basic posts like “make sure you have good title tags” will attract readership and comments like “wow.. this is great advice! Now I’m getting more search traffic than before, thanks!” which help convince others you are […]

Still Domaining, even in 2008.

Several friends have been saying lately that “all the good domain names are taken“. Several domainer friends are sifting through their portfolios right now, dropping lesser names, and looking to list mediocre names for sale to raise revenue for buying premium domains on the aftermarket. I can’t help but think “buy on rumor, sell on […]

Buzz Marketing chases Kids; Commercial Alert chases Buzz Marketing

Harper Collins’ Press Release describes Tina Wells, CEO of Buzz Marketing, this way: Tina Wells founded the Buzz Marketing Group, an innovative for-youth-by-youth marketing agency when she was 16. With more than a decade of marketing experience under her belt, and a network of over 9,000 teen consultants (“buzzSpotters(TM)”) worldwide, Tina now joins HarperCollins Publishers […]

Silverlight and Social Media – who did this one?

Silverlight Silverlight Silverlight the New Microsoft Silverlight blah blah blah. I’m a FireFox user, I Browse Happy, Flash is Cool and whatever silverlight is, I won’t really know much about it for like EVER, mmmmmkay? No reason Mr. Bean. Doesn’t Matter. Nope. But I’d really like to see cool smoke animation rendering….I often gaze at […]

Implantable RFID Chips, Privacy, and Effort

Who has the time or who can afford the effort required to manage the privacy issues under attack today? A company in Ohio (Agent Technologies, see domain note below) is implanting RFID chips into the arms of employees, to see if the technology provides a good security solution for controlled-access areas. Ohio has introduced a […]

Blog Courage: Will They Celebrate it Later?

Blog Courage: What it takes to publish a public opinion, despite. This post over at Coding Horror highlights the silencing of Kathy Sierra, the Creating Passionate Users author, as one example of how blog success leads to blog shutdown. Kathy was a big success, and death threats and negative attention somehow caused her to stop […]

Being Big: Demand Media buys Pluck to Build LiveStrong

In this new age of Be Big, Demand Media bought Pluck for $75 million. Demand Media recently allied with Lance Armstrong’s foundation to build out, and apparently needed to pick a framework for building out that social media site (and others, of course). Why pick one and invest a few million developing it (or […]

Managed DNS Services

I’ve been looking at availability of managed DNS services, considering a move away from my current provider. I’ll update this as I review the managed DNS services in more detail, adding links as appropriate. Please comment if you have helpful experiences to share. (I last discussed here) LoadDNS from […]

AdSense Alternatives – Alternatives to Google AdSense

AdSense Alternatives – Alternatives to Google AdSense I thought it might be interesting to look at AdSense Alternatives, to see options are available for monetization other than Google’s AdSense contextual advertising program. Let’s go to the SERP for “adsense alternatives” and see what the top 10 ranking sites are using for monetization: #1 Web page […]

New York Times as Web Citizen: Getting Better?

When i wrote “Greedy Bastards at The New York Times“, I was disappointed that newspapers, not just The New York Times, were publishing human interest and lifestyle articles about innovative people but denying them back links. When you agree to be interviewed by the newspaper, a reporter comes over to sit and question you, and […]