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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Matt McGee: The Last Person on Twitter

[Executive Summary: Twitter is not for everyone but if you’re in the web entrepreneuring space you should have been on it last year already. Don’t feel bad if you never heard of it; just join and don’t admit you weren’t aware. Matt McGee is an SEO guy out of Marchex, who is into social media […]

Get Out and Live Life

[youtube: 600 400] Via the remarkably inspiring

Coming Full Circle: Blogging & Journalism

Journalism is a funny beast I don’t pretend to understand. As a consumer, though, I can say that I used to pay a lot of money to subscribe to certain products of good journalism. I paid in advance, and the information appeared in my mailbox. The currency of the information was judged by relative measures… […]

Why Keyword Domains Are Better for SEO

The DomainRoundTable Conference hosted Matt Cutts of Google and a panel of SEOs, to discuss search marketing and domaining. One topic of conversation afterwards was the value of keyword domains. Is a domain “better for SEO” if it contains exact match keywords? Matt said yes, keywords in the URL can help rankings, but you don’t […]

Dan Kaminsky on DNS and Trust

ISPs are placing the security and privacy of their customers squarely in the hands of a third-party ad company Dan Kaminsky is always fun (and scary) to watch, and he is describing how some ISPs are utilizing a 3rd party DNS service in an attempt to monetize user activity. According to Dan, that third party […]

What Matt Cutts Said at Domain RoundTable 2008

This is live blogging from matt’s session. It will update as I enter information. Matt said: about his role on the web spam team, he defined spam as sites that “rank higher than they deserve”. Go figure that one out. Matt asked how many people were into domaining because it was like a garage sale, […]

Live Blogging from DomainRoundTable San Francisco

I’m at Domain RoundTable, in San Francisco, with several hundred Internet entrepreneurs. Like other webmasters, these guys own the Internet. Unlike most webmasters, these guys own a significant percentage of the Internet. But besides scale, they have similar interests to other webmasters: managing risk, earning and monetizing traffic, navigating politics and managing cash flow. They […]

Google does WHOIS, again.

Google’s mission is to make a fortune off other people’s content organize the world’s information, and now Google and DomainTools are joining forces to bring the power of WHOIS lookups to the Google interface. Again. Google started hitting the Network Solutions WHOIS lookup without permission back in 2004 before Netsol promptly shut them out. That […]

Rank Matters

Well, maybe not Alexa rank, but they do make a rank t-shirt and z***** is pretty innovative… (Update: oh well, they disabled the hotlink. It was a picture of a custom t-short showing rank, but I guess they prefer no publicity over a hotlinked image. So much for assuming they were an innovative company…)

SEO Aware WordPress Publishing

By describing the strategic use of WordPress blogs for search marketing for a customer, I defined a process I am calling SEO-Aware WordPress Publishing. You start with WordPress, configured according to SEO best practices, and then … you don’t start publishing, but rather you get a little SEO training. Training in SEO copywriting, yes, but […]

SEO Humor

From, translation courtesy of Google: Yesterday in Pervoprestolnoy on art. Domodedovskaya metro after drinking for a couple of FlyAway juice, the body clearly alluded to the need to go in the toilet. Upon noticing the corresponding index on the wall in the form of tablets, brain machine has issued the full phrase is “a […]

Google Update April 2008

It’s still a “Google Dance” if you watch the datacenters, and confirm the update process with additional evidence such as new sites not getting included for a few to several days prior, despite indexing, as if the queue was backing up so the update could propagate. Also watch the international traffic referrals. They provide early […]

Domain Roundtable 2008: San Francisco

Updated: Message came in from the conference organizers: I received quite a few emails and calls this morning from people forgetting to reserve their hotel room at the discounted rate that ended yesterday. DON’T PANIC !!! The hotel has agreed to extend our rate until April 7. Our rate of $239 is only for the […]

WordPress 2.5 – take your time upgrading?

Usually it is best to wait a few weeks after a major software upgrade, to enjoy relative stability while your friends on the bleeding edge tear their hair out over bugs and gitches. WordPress 2.5 is no exception. After a couple trials, I can say: Post Slugs Are Gone. (Note: this has been updated after […]