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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Live Blogging from DomainRoundTable San Francisco

I’m at Domain RoundTable, in San Francisco, with several hundred Internet entrepreneurs. Like other webmasters, these guys own the Internet. Unlike most webmasters, these guys own a significant percentage of the Internet. But besides scale, they have similar interests to other webmasters: managing risk, earning and monetizing traffic, navigating politics and managing cash flow. They […]

Google does WHOIS, again.

Google’s mission is to make a fortune off other people’s content organize the world’s information, and now Google and DomainTools are joining forces to bring the power of WHOIS lookups to the Google interface. Again. Google started hitting the Network Solutions WHOIS lookup without permission back in 2004 before Netsol promptly shut them out. That […]

Rank Matters

Well, maybe not Alexa rank, but they do make a rank t-shirt and z***** is pretty innovative… (Update: oh well, they disabled the hotlink. It was a picture of a custom t-short showing rank, but I guess they prefer no publicity over a hotlinked image. So much for assuming they were an innovative company…)