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Monthly Archives: April 2008

SEO Aware WordPress Publishing

By describing the strategic use of WordPress blogs for search marketing for a customer, I defined a process I am calling SEO-Aware WordPress Publishing. You start with WordPress, configured according to SEO best practices, and then … you don’t start publishing, but rather you get a little SEO training. Training in SEO copywriting, yes, but […]

SEO Humor

From, translation courtesy of Google: Yesterday in Pervoprestolnoy on art. Domodedovskaya metro after drinking for a couple of FlyAway juice, the body clearly alluded to the need to go in the toilet. Upon noticing the corresponding index on the wall in the form of tablets, brain machine has issued the full phrase is “a […]

Google Update April 2008

It’s still a “Google Dance” if you watch the datacenters, and confirm the update process with additional evidence such as new sites not getting included for a few to several days prior, despite indexing, as if the queue was backing up so the update could propagate. Also watch the international traffic referrals. They provide early […]