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April 1st, 2008 by john andrews

Domain Roundtable 2008: San Francisco

Updated: Message came in from the conference organizers:

I received quite a few emails and calls this morning from people forgetting to reserve their hotel room at the discounted rate that ended yesterday. DON’T PANIC !!! The hotel has agreed to extend our rate until April 7. Our rate of $239 is only for the days of the conference with an April 18 check-in and April 21 check-out. Any additional dates around this will be charged current hotel rate pricing. To take advantage of our rate though, you must book with our Domain Roundtable code. Go to the venue section of the website or you can call the hotel, (415) 512-1111, and tell them you are a Domain Roundtable attendee.

Today is the last day to book the Domain Roundtable conference hotel at the discount rate, so if you haven’t yet take a look. It’s the Palace Hotel, dead-center in San Francisco. I often stay at other-than-the-official-conference-hotel when I travel, because I’m different that way, but in this case the Palace is the “other” hotel I would have chosen.

If you register you can get $100 off by first joining as a Gold member (it’s a month-to-month thing.. no contract term). A cheap ‘n easy way to cut $100 bucks off the reg fee. I think the discount is tiered… so if you are a Silver or Elite member, the discount might be different. Just log in to your account and the discount code appears in the announcement right in front of you.

Last year’s Domain Roundtable in Seattle was an eye-opener for me as an SEO. It was the first “domainer conference” I attended, and the combination of SEO and domaining was such a natural I think many of us on both sides of the aisle were dumbfounded that the two groups hadn’t been mingling more closely all along.

When you look at how SEO, what I call “competitive webmastering“, and the business of domaining have aligned themselves with each other over the past 2 years, attending this one is a no-brainer for me. Whether you call it “domain development” or “internet publishing” doesn’t really matter… the entrepreneurs are all interested in monetization and asset development. Many of the brightest people I have met in the industry were at Domain Roundtable last year.

I’m fortunate to be able to attend the whole show this time so if you’re in San Francisco or will also be visiting to attend Domain Roundtable and want to get together, drop me a line. I hope to invade Natasha’s favorite dive bar at some point, which has this Yelp review:

What prevents me from giving this place 5 stars are the patrons of this bar. The people here are like graduated hipsters who now work cool 9-5 jobs and drink wine on a regular basis. Pretentious comes to mind. You can be classy and sophisticated without being rude. Nothing against the bar, but the patrons who go into it spoil my fun time.

How could i visit San Francisco and not experience that for myself?

Check out the Domain Roundtable conference and the Agenda, including the SEO Panel.

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April 1st, 2008 by john andrews

WordPress 2.5 – take your time upgrading?

Usually it is best to wait a few weeks after a major software upgrade, to enjoy relative stability while your friends on the bleeding edge tear their hair out over bugs and gitches. WordPress 2.5 is no exception. After a couple trials, I can say:

  • Post Slugs Are Gone. (Note: this has been updated after Claudius posted a great comment, below). Those wonderful SEO assisters have been mangled renamed in 2.5. They are still there, but hidden… until after you title a post, and move on to another field, when they slowly reappear (ajax fade in) as a small-print permalink between the title field and the content box. Not obvious, and it doesn’t appear unless you have already conifigured WordPress to use a custom permalink structure. This will take a little getting used to, but at least the editable permalink idea is strengthened.
  • AJAXy Enough to Make You Cry: Can you say heavy? Can you say toad-slow interface? Okay so I still like Firefox 1.5, but seriously, is it necessary to have so much javascipt on every page load? I love the way they say the new editor won’t mess up your code… and it does. So I truned it off.. like always. But now I am having trouble tolerating the little hesitations that happen CONSTANTLY now as AJAX phones home. WP used to slow down when I clicked… now it slows down as I type. Yuck.
  • Editors Get All The Credit? Edit a post some author wrote and viola.. you are now the author! Sweet!
  • Prepare to Scroll Like You’ve Never Scrolled Before: It’s is definietly more work to use WordPress 2.5. More clicks, more scrolling, more moing the mouse around the screen. Not sure why. I think it’s got something to do with getting better, but I’m not sure I understand that part yet.
  • Start Building Those Backlinks All Over Again: (Updated: Since the editable permalinks are there this is no longer the problem that is appeared to be, as long as you have customized your permalink settings and you pay attention to the small print beneath the title edit box). If you think that first comment about post slugs was subtle, think about what it will mean to migrate a blog to this new version and not be in control of the URLs. You will go insane trying to align your existing inlinks with the new URLs. Don’t even look for dupes.. you won’t find peace there, either. But thats ok, you can simply choose to WAIT and not migrate the old blog, until WP 2.5 is fixed, right? Well, some people who didn’t use page slugs upgraded, and guess what? If you had used at least one known permalink structure, you’re hosed. Those page URLs are gone… and according to a poster on the WP forum, you’ll simply have to choose a new permalink structure (and throw away your existing backlinks)..mmmmkay?

Oh, one more thing. Wait. The only big disaster I can see possibly coming is if the WordPress exploit going around only gets fixed in 2.5, forcing everyone to upgrade to 2.5 or remain vulnerable. Please, please, please don’t let that happen.

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John Andrews is a mobile web professional and competitive search engine optimzer (SEO). He's been quietly earning top rank for websites since 1997. About John

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