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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Happy Morning to You, Too

(Hat tip to the guy who makes the Del Norte bike and who works hard to help all of us avoid living a bummer Life.) This “commercial” makes me want to go buy a can of Folger’s Coffee, so I can jab at it with an ice pick, slam it over and over with my […]

Competitive Intelligence Quietly Works; 3G iPhone Lands

Or not so quietly, if you are promoting your website for traffic. Many years ago I got my first taste of competitive intel, while working for a marketing agency in New York. Later, in New Jersey, I was surrounded by pharmaceutical companies and their execs and managers, whom I met through my own work with […]

Selling Web sites Domain Assets Ice in Alaska

How do you value a web site as an asset? If your company is closing down, what is the web site worth? Increasingly common questions, for which there are no standard answers. And there won’t be any “standard answers” for some time to come. That’s not how business works at this stage of the Internet […]

Competitive Webmastering

I’m really glad hardly anyone has the time or patience to read all of this. Security through obscurity, as link bait. Good job!