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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Google Content Widgets, by Family Guy Guy

Google desperately wants you all to create unique, original content. It needs the ad real estate, but perhaps even more it needs the continuous expansion of creative content to feed the growth of the ad business. Everything we’ve seen out of Google for over a year reflects the Goog’s serious commitment to advertising over search. […]

Competitive Web Publishing

I’m always thinking about web and Internet from a competitive perspective, because that’s really what we are doing when we optimize, seek search traffic, buy links, and forge alliances with like-minded website network operators: competitive webmastering. But that concept is not always palatable to people. There are plenty of pie-in-the-sky web publishers (and SEOs and […]

Google: All You Need to Succeed

First, you scrape someone else’s content, like this: Matt Cutts made an appearance today at the Domain Roundtable conference. Matt started things off with a few introductory comments, then spent most of the time answering questions from the audience and from questions that people sent in ahead of time. Here are the highlights of what […]

Research News: Old Boys Clubs breed more Old Boys

I know this is outside the realm of Internet marketing, but my background is scientific research and I left that world for obvious reasons…that were not very obvious to everyone else at the time. Chalk this new research out of the SPIE and Academy of Arts and Sciences as one for the “duh” column, representing […]

Firefox 3 : don’t download yet…

If you refrained from participating in the massive download fest today, you are to be rewarded for your prudence. The first FF3 vulnerability is already identified. By waiting nearly one day you may have saved yourself a little frustration (“What? But I just downloaded it and haven’t even used it yet!“). Of course, the security […]

Doing Business with Verizon

You really need to watch this past the first minute, to the part where the Verizon customer service representatives quote the Verizon rates. To think that this is how we consumers are forced to “do business” in this country… while nobody in our government has any better ideas of how things might be. [youtube:] Thanks […]

Airline Domains: TAM Airlines doesn’t own

TAM Airlines (TAM) is the largest airline in Brazil, and has been expanding operations. They used to compete with Varig in Brazil, which owns as well as, the Brazilian equivalent, and GOL. Airline web sites are notoriously badly configured for SEO, and these are not exceptions, but TAM airlines doesn’t even own […]

Gas Price : Now $4.59 per gallon

Remember those debates about whether or not gas would reach $5 per gallon this summer? No? Well, surely you remember when they suggested it might reach $4 this summer? Well, it’s not summer yet, and where I live regular gas has reached $4.59 per gallon already. Check Google News to see all the reports of […]

Think Tank – for domainers and web entrepreneurs

Think Tank is happening and I am now looking forward to it. I can personally vouch for the quality of Dave Klein (DK), who has put this together. He ran a charity poker tournament last fall that was nothing short of great, and several off us encouraged him to follow his instincts after he suggested […]

Advanced SEO

Update: See SMX Advanced Seattle post There was another SEO conference last week calling itself “advanced” and once again there was controversy about whether or not it was advanced. I stayed mostly out of the debate this time (as well as the conference), but I must note that an in-house SEO from put it […]

iphone apple job iphone hype iphone video apple jobs hype

In case you haven’t had enough yet, iphone apple job iphone hype iphone Apple store video apple jobs hype iphone apple job iphone hype iphone video apple jobs hype iphone apple job iphone hype iphone Apple store video apple jobs hype iphone apple job iphone hype iphone video apple jobs hype iphone apple job iphone […]

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Starbucks Losing Key Customers Over WiFi Glitches

I’ve been a regular Starbucks customer for many years. I spend about $250 per month at my local Starbucks, separate from WiFi access fees. I pay $7 for pre-made, cold sandwiches so I don’t have to leave my table. I visit Starbucks nearly daily when on travel, and I even buy stuff from their over […]

Bravo! Google Maps 4 Mobile gets Bus/Train Info

I’m a big fan of public transportation, and have since before gas was over $2 per gallon. I love to drive and I totally understand the phenomenon of 1 person per car on the freeway, but my choice is public transportation whenever reasonable. And historically it gets more reasonable as more people use it, until […]

Better Faster Cheaper — not the case with SEO

I just completed 4 hours of SEO industry research, and I am marvelling at how this SEO business is inverted when compared to other industries. In the tech and manufacturing worlds, the mantra is “better faster cheaper“. Over time, what is available to us is better, we can do things faster, and we pay less […]

Less Trust for .info, .hk, .cn Top Level Domains

A security firm is releasing a report stating .hk, .cn, and .info domains are the most “dangerous” when it comes to threats of malware. Whether you like McAfee or not, search engines like Google and Yahoo and MSN are very likely to incoporate this “trust” factor into their operations, if they haven’t already done that. […]

Home Page Privacy Link Lowers Conversions

How do you explain that Google doesn’t want to post a home page privacy link, and is willing to violate California law by refusing to include the privacy policy link on the Google homepage? It must hurt conversions. Google is a serious web company and Google tests things before deploying them. The privacypolicy is an […]

Google Custom Search lets admins control site search

Breaking news: “Google lets admins control site search”. On a modest but significant scale, Google is sharing with its customers some of the control it wields over the search market. Via Techmeme, as published on CNET: As countless search-engine-optimization consultants can attest, Google maintains tight control over the parameters that rank the results of Internet […]

Banning SEMPO Members and their Client Websites

Effective today I am banning any SEMPO member company and every website they promote (SEMPO client websites) from any site on any of my networks, including this blog. I suppose I can file this is the “continuing to make friends in the SEO/SEM Community” category, but I’ve had enough of the garbage that is being […]