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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Research News: Old Boys Clubs breed more Old Boys

I know this is outside the realm of Internet marketing, but my background is scientific research and I left that world for obvious reasons…that were not very obvious to everyone else at the time. Chalk this new research out of the SPIE and Academy of Arts and Sciences as one for the “duh” column, representing […]

Firefox 3 : don’t download yet…

If you refrained from participating in the massive download fest today, you are to be rewarded for your prudence. The first FF3 vulnerability is already identified. By waiting nearly one day you may have saved yourself a little frustration (“What? But I just downloaded it and haven’t even used it yet!“). Of course, the security […]

Doing Business with Verizon

You really need to watch this past the first minute, to the part where the Verizon customer service representatives quote the Verizon rates. To think that this is how we consumers are forced to “do business” in this country… while nobody in our government has any better ideas of how things might be. [youtube:] Thanks […]