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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Starbucks Losing Key Customers Over WiFi Glitches

I’ve been a regular Starbucks customer for many years. I spend about $250 per month at my local Starbucks, separate from WiFi access fees. I pay $7 for pre-made, cold sandwiches so I don’t have to leave my table. I visit Starbucks nearly daily when on travel, and I even buy stuff from their over […]

Bravo! Google Maps 4 Mobile gets Bus/Train Info

I’m a big fan of public transportation, and have since before gas was over $2 per gallon. I love to drive and I totally understand the phenomenon of 1 person per car on the freeway, but my choice is public transportation whenever reasonable. And historically it gets more reasonable as more people use it, until […]

Better Faster Cheaper — not the case with SEO

I just completed 4 hours of SEO industry research, and I am marvelling at how this SEO business is inverted when compared to other industries. In the tech and manufacturing worlds, the mantra is “better faster cheaper“. Over time, what is available to us is better, we can do things faster, and we pay less […]