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Monthly Archives: July 2008

YouTube AudioSpam: Our World Gets Uglier

We all know that public figures and the people behind the institutions we pretend are individuals promote their own interests. We know they pay others to make them look good. We know they sometimes pay others to make ugly things go away or at least look prettier to the rest of us. In fact, most […]

Overpaying for the Privilege of Handing Over the Keys to the Kingdom

First, let me highlight an amusing snippet of text from a creative agency that claims to include SEO in their client work: “Many of our clients have spent countless marketing dollars with little success.” You have to love the irony. That is the “copy” on the website of an agency looking to earn your business. […]

Twitter Following List Deleted – Ground Hog Day?

It’s time to go back and re-execute the last 12-24 hours of your social relationships, so that they can be re-captured by Twitter. It seems twitter lost a whl enuchof data, and reset people’s “follwoing” lists to zero. Jason Goldman responds to a whiner thread here, admitting that they had to restore user data from […]

Where’s Bill Slawski when you Need Him?

I applied for a Business Process Patent years ago because it appeared to be a way to protect a business model that larger, more aggressive competitors could co-opt. It wasn’t. I never knew why, and never got a straight answer from the patent attorneys I dealt with, but it was clear that large aggressive corporations […]

How Much Does LinkedIn Pay You?

They don’t pay me anything, and so I don’t participate. How much do they pay you? I’m willing to accept discussions of how much value you get from LinkedIn, if that is what you prefer. I have little expectation that anyone can highlight much real value, although I am sure there will be a handful […]

Starbucks WiFi No Worky… is ATT/SBC Throttling Users?

I don’t have time for this, but I have time to blog it in case anyone else is noticing the same thing… it sure seems to me the new Starbucks WiFi from ATT/SBC is throttling usage at the gateway router. Open Firefox and right-click yourself a bunch of new tabs off your favorite news aggregation […]

How to disable version tracking in WordPress 2.6

WordPress 2.6 keeps track of revisions, which is fine, except it does so with a new POST or PAGE ID in the post or page table every single time an edit is saved. For me that’s a total pain, as I craft preconfiguration scripts for WordPress installs on themes which utilize “sort by” and “order […]

Good comment on community building

In an age when most major media outlets are providing outrage-of-the-hour content, one should not be surprised that the community built around that is also comprised of illogical, emotionally charged drivel flavored with a smattering of generally useless regurgitated trivia posing as genuine information. Reminds me of a few online communities I know and used […]

IDN: International Domaining

Old but great quote from Kieren McCarthy on the very strange world of IDNs, those “international” domains made up of characters not found in the typical “English” keyboard: One of the things about researching IDNs is it makes you feel so uneducated….When you start looking at the issue at IDNs though, you realise that even […]

More Google Hubris from Amit Singhal

Someone once suggested we should be paying more attention to Amit Singhal instead of always listening to Matt Cutts. Google just published a statement from a “Google Fellow in charge of the ranking team at Google” named Amit Singhal. Last June, Singhal said that Google made about a half-dozen adjustments to Google’s ranking algorithm every […]

Good Mobile Ads Work

Mobile ads work. Bottom line: mobile ads represent the cut-to-the-chase of browser-view advertising. When I surf on my mobile I am typically at most most “in a hurry” ever. I am at my least patient, and most willing to click on an ad if I believe that ad will lead me to the promised land. […]

Is it Time to Block Flash for SEO Purposes?

Whenever I interview or otherwise evaluate an SEO, I eventually find my way to The Flash SEO Question: Name 3 ways to SEO a flash-heavy web site for Google/Yahoo!/MSN, not including “make an HTML version”. I consider it a Fermi question for Competitive Webmasters. Now Google has formally announced it is indexing the contents of […]