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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Armchair Quarterbacks, SEOs, and Domainers

Domain Name News is one of the leading online “newspapers” of the Internet domain industry. Publisher Adam Strong asked me about the recent $5.1 million dollar sale, and after some conversation on SEO aspects I agreed to write my thoughts for publication on I asked a few friends in the SEO industry if […]

Is it Really All About Links?

Links are code. When webmasters published the web, they did so in code. Nowadays people publish to the web. They don’t use code. How does a person “link” to a site today? Is it an anchor tag? Does it have attributes? No, they simply type into their user interface. There is very little incentive […]

Opting IN with Google, so you can Opt-out of Tracking

Google has announced its new behavioral ad targeting, and acknowledged some of the privacy and protection guidelines in development around the world. They note: United States Federal Trade Commission “Principles of Online Advertising”(PDF) Network Advertising Initiative’s Self-Regulating Conduct paper the Center for Democracy and Technology’s Threshold Analysis for Online Advertising Practices (PDF) Internet Advertising Bureau […]

Google Docs: Is 3 Weeks too long to fix a Privacy/Security Issue?

Saturday morning is slow time for viral distribution of news, but if the news sticks the viral component tends to last longer than usual, often re-distributed by the Monday morning back-to-work crowd. “Checkout what happened over the weekend”, such as this Google Docs privacy leak. First, this is important news. If you used Google Docs, […]

Vince’s Change to the Google Algorithm favors Brands

Matt Cutts of Google’s Search Quality Team posted a video response to the recent discussions of Google’s new emphasis on “brands”. He says Google doesn’t think interms of brands, but factors like trust authority reputation page rank high quality Matt says yes, “there has been a change in how we do some rankings”, and yes, […]

Who’s Watching Google?

Last week Aaron Wall of published his analysis of a significant change in the Google search engine. In late January, a marketer in the SEOBook private forum had observed changes in the Google search results, seemingly favoring larger brands over heavily optimized smaller brands. A minor discussion ensued, since this action appeared to reward […]

Watching The Watchmen

Who’s watching the watchmen? Social commentary, or pop culture? The Watchmen is trending, and clearly benefits from the overlap. Had this graffiti been “Dark Knight” or “Iron Man” it would have been removed promptly, but this “social commentary” persists in plain site, week after week, in Bellingham, Washington.

Why is Google hosting common Javascript/AJAX Libraries?

Why is Google hosting common Javascript/AJAX Libraries? This post will be published to the public later today, with a unique URL (/google-ajax-api.html) and the above title.Thanks for reading and following. I have a question I would like to try and answer, and I need some help. Why is Google hosting popular Javascript/AJAX libraries like jQuery, […]

OBama Sushi

We previously noted Obama’s car, and now there’s Obama Sushi (via inventorspot)