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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Free SEO Advice

Update: that was fun and successful. I’ll do it again Tuesday7/28 and will tweet an announcement to a few hours before so everyone can formulate their

Google’s Plan to “Serve Webmasters”

I loved this. Marshall Sponder over at Web Metrics Guru gathered up a collection of recent observations about Google’s abuse of webmasters (including my SEO Tools post), and included this classic Twilight Zone video… too awesome.. I simply had to re-post it here. [youtube:] It is critically important that we all keep an eye on […]

We’re All SEO Tools

SEO is Dead: Long Live Competitive Webmastering My friends at OutspokenMedia just published an outline of their SEO audit process. It looks exactly like what should be in a webmastering 101 course. From my perspective, it has nothing to do with search engine optimization, except that search engines control the flow of almost all of […]