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Invitation to Twitter Followers

Hello and thanks for following my Twitter feed!

As a reward for your interest and in homage to web serendipty, I am inviting you to participate in a “Follower Interview” which I will publish on my blog.

The followers of my twitter feed as of January 11, 2008 are being invited to participate. I will offer each the opportunity to respond to this survey, which will qualify them for a highlight profile on my blog (yes, with links). I encourage you to make your response an interesting and friendly read, aimed at the search marketing and web publishing entrepreneur audience. I will try not to edit much, so be sure and mention all you would like to see mentioned. Of course, if those mentions are not smooth and easy, don’t contribute to the conversation, or otherwise get in the way of my straight-shooting blog style, they may get clipped ;-)   For the record I reserve the right to decide what gets published and how, but this is an honest project intended to highlight YOU as a follower of me.

If you don’t care to participate that’s fine, too, and if you tell me why you will probably still get a mention in a post down the road.  Sorry.. this is a true reward for the early adopters, so no need to prompt your friends to start following now ;-)

If you want to participate, just cut n paste this and type in your answers (spell-checked, proof read, etc. please!) and email to me at info at the johnon dot com domain.

THAAANKS and thanks for being out there in twitter land.

-=john andrews

PS: Please try and complete this now or soon, as a low-pressure exercise in spontaneity! Our readers will appreciate it. Also, if you can include specifics when you write your answers, Google will love you (e.g. “I met john at a conference” would be better as “I met john at DomainFest in 2006”)


I will remove this page from view in a few days so cut n paste while you have the chance.


Q: So I noticed you follow my Twitter feed. What is your twitter account, who exactly are you, and what is your position in life?
[aim for 150 words or less]

Q: Why did you start to follow MY twitter feed, and why did you stay a follower for more than a day or so?
[aim for 100 words or less]

Q: How often do you trim your following list, and has my feed survived that trimming once, a few times, or been cut perhaps? Why?
[aim for 100 words or less]

Q: How many twitterers do you follow, and if it’s more than 30 or so, did you even know you were following my feed in there? Be honest!
[aim for 100 words or less]

Q; Do you like twitter, find it valuable, or otherwise enjoy it, and if so why? If not, then why are you listed as a follower of my feed?
[aim for 100 words or less]

Q: Do you think I should follow your feed as well? Do you think everyone should reciprocate Twitter feed-following? Do you try and reciprocate your own followers?
[aim for 100 words or less]


Thanks for the consideration, and of course I made this up on the fly so if you have any great ideas for making this a better idea I am anxious to hear you share them!