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…unrelated: My Hundred Dollar Mouse

In biotechnology research one pays $100 for a mouse, but it has unique DNA. In a fit of rage I threw my long-crappy Microsoft Intellimouse at the wall and drove over to WorstBuy to buy me a new mouse “right now”. I paid $50 more than I would ever pay for a mouse, just because I was in a bad mood and it was the biggest most-freakin-expensive techno mouse in the store. One hundred bucks for a mouse. Wireless (whcih I hate), with a USB dongle (which I hate) and Logitech (not my favorite brand).

Man I love this mouse. It’s fast, it doesn’t give me carpal tunnel syndrome, and it has a “search button” that brings up a Google search for whatever you have highlighted. Did I mention it’s fast? I like this mouse so much I use my velvet-like Flashtrax carry bag as a mouse bag, keeping it scratch-free and like-new in my back pack. A charge lasts almost a week, even when I leave it on in the bag.
I used it for a month before writing, as any reviewer should do when dealing with mice and keyboards. It’s the Logitech MX Revolution.