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Seattle Domainers Conference

This August 13-15 in Seattle, NameIntelligence Inc. hosts the Domain Roundtable conference at the Seattle Sheraton. Jay Westerdal is the CEO of NameIntelligence, which has brought us so many variations of now known as Jay has been at SEO conferences in the past, but I have not met Jay myself. here’s what Jay posted after his SMX Advanced Seattle experience, tipping us off to his interest in SEO at the Domainer’s Conference:

I am at SMX Seattle this week and talking with a lot of Industry leading SEO webmasters about what is going on in the Search Engine space right now. There is increased talk about how ranking first is even more important now then ever before now that Google has launched Universal Search. I attended a few after parties held by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, all of them were great, but personally I think Google’s party was the best. The Google Colors were every where and they had full candy bars (see picture below). The glow in the dark dring glasses were a nice touch as well. If you would like to see notes from the session they had good coverage by some bloggers in the audience which got posted at SE Roundtable. No relation to the Domain Roundtable. I think Domainers and SEO Experts need to work closers together so I have invited some of the best experts to the Domain Roundtable for our August conference. I will talk about these experts later.

I suppose if I had read that I would have tuned into the domainers vs. seo thing sooner, but still not before Brian. But at least I can take credit for my own original thoughts and deductions, right?

The conference agenda is of significant interest to SEOs even as a domainer’s conference, but competes with SMX,SES, and PubCon for travel and networking funds. I know that for that reason alone, many SEOs will not be there. However, with this August 2007 conference, Jay and Company are working SEo into the mix in a serious way. Suddeny, it becomes more interesting to SEo types (like me). Then you add in price reduction (now $995 for three days) and it’s more intersting. Add in a $100 discount for signing up using an SEO promotional code (I’ve asked for “johnon” to be one of those) and now it’s seriously interestng and doesn’t really compete for networking funds since I am local to Seattle and won’t have to travel. For those who have to travel, I see another consideration that makes this interesting.

It seems to me domainers aren’t as cheap as SEOs.

Just a thought, but Seattle Sheraton downtown isn’t shabby. A big budget domain auction means big budget attendees. Jay’s own comment “Stay tuned, sign up, get rich” is a bit more exciting than the box lunches and shrimp-like-substances served at Pubcon. SMX Seattle’s food was commendable, and many people said so. I think that reflects more of the poor quality of the food at SES and Pubcon than the high quality of the food at SMX Seattle, but you can be the judge of that.

And of course we are just 3 or so hours drive down from Vancouver BC, that beautiful city which incidentally is also a haven for global mega-domainers (gratuitous link to’s Kevin Ham cover story in 5…4…3…2…1).
Just for the record, I received no consideration for this post about Domain Roundtable conference or my other posts that mention it – although if they give me a promo code “johnon2” to give YOU a $100 discount then I suppose it will come with perks for me if you all use it. When that happens I’ll disclose that right here. (Update: yes, they gave me “johnon2” as a promo code but nothing for me unless I go and participate as a speaker – Will one of you affiliate guys tell them how to do a promo, please? ).

Anyone else from SEO land going? Should I go? Why should I go? If any domainers or SEO types have comments I’d love to hear them. Add them to this post on SEO and Domaining.

Note: The Sheraton Downtown has reserved rooms for the event ending this week according to the event blog. The link for making reservations is here.