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X-Cart SEO: How to SEO the X Cart Shopping Cart

Update: the X Cart SEO project is underway. This page will expand as we make the new X-Cart system search engine friendly.

Update: For x-cart web site design and development,  and ecommerce web development in general (including SEO), contact Hans at Cyber X Designs (in New Jersey). That gets you 85-90% of the way, before you need x-cart seo consulting.  

X-Cart is a shopping cart solution based on PHP and MySQL. Like most shopping cart software, X-cart is not exactly perfect for SEO right out of the box. But it is highly configurable. Is X-cart SEO Friendly? Does X-Cart offer search engine friendly URLs? What exactly will it take to optimize X-Cart for search engines?

Let’s find out. I’ve got a copy of X-Cart and will be working out the kinks to get an SEO-friendly implementation of X-Cart tutorial. I don’t have the latest version, but I’ll see if I can get that before I get too far because it is supposed to be more advanced/modern than previous versions.

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